Semi-detached house or row house?

Objavljeno: 07.01.2016

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Both semi-detached house and row house are spatial, financial and energy more suitable type of residential building then detached individual house. On the other hand, both typologies have some disadvantages.

People usually decide to live in semi-detached house or row house, when their financial capabilities are limited and they are not able to buy detached individual house.
Semi-deatched house as well as row house needs to be build in a group of at least two houses, which are separated by an intermediate wall, also, each housing unit has its own entrance and it is standing on a seperate piece of a plot. It is not possible to build semi-deatched house or row house on every plot, therefor, before building a plot for such purposu, you need to find out, if urban plan allows such housing typology. Second issue, you need to be aware of, is that the plot needs to be just the right size, if you want to build semi-deatched house or row house on it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both housing typologies, semi-detached house as well as row house has its advantages and disadvantages. Semi-detached house usually stands on a larger plot than row house and it is attached to the next building with just one wall. In this way we have more privacy, as a part of a plot is hidden from our neighbors. If we live in a row house, we feel less private, as plot is smaller and we are surrounded with neighbors on two sides. On the other hand, we can assure the feeling of privacy also in row house, but we need to design them in a smart way. The main advantage of row house in comparison to semi-detached house is lower price of construction and lower price of plot, which is usually smaller. As row houses are attached to each other on two sides, they consume less energy then semi-detached houses.
Never the less, both housing typologies have many advantages in comparison to detached individual house.

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